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Q: Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?
A: Any student graduating from the Maritime Education program at Jefferson High School may apply.

Q: Where can I find a scholarship application?
A: Applications are available on this website for completion online and are available in hard copy at each school.

Q: Can documents supporting an application be submitted online?
A: Yes. Directions for online submission are included in the application.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting a scholarship application?
A: Deadlines for submission of scholarship applications are set each year and are available on this website.

Q: How can scholarships be used?
A: Scholarships can be used for tuition or other school expenses.

Q: What post high school education or training programs can scholarships be used for?
A: Scholarships can be used for any maritime academy, college, university, community college, technical school, licensing, or training program leading to a maritime career.

Q: How many scholarships are available each year?
A: The number of scholarships awarded each year depends on the funds available. Currently scholarships are offered for four year collegiate programs and for technical school programs.