Selection Committee

Each year the TBMSF, at its annual meeting in January, will determine the funds available for scholarship awards. Then in March, a Selection Committee is formed. The Committee is comprised of all Board members and two (2) other members nominated by the Board for their expertise in the maritime and/or the education field. This committee is then responsible for selecting new and renewal scholarship awards.

Grading System

A point grading system will be utilized to assist the selection committee in making the scholarship awards. The following items are evaluated:

  • Grade Point Average (Spring & Fall semester w/ Spring prioritized)
  • Type of school selected (Maritime school prioritized)
  • Type of program selected (Licensing program prioritized)
  • Secondary education (Jefferson HS Maritime Studies program prioritized. After that, Hillsborough County, Florida; then other, in that order)
  • Required Essay (Professionalism, knowledge of the business)
  • Letters of Recommendation (High school only – prioritize letters from businesses and previous employment)
  • Financial Needs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Internships (High school students only)
  • Communication/engagement w TBMSF (Renewals only)